Bioshock 2 has LE, does not include Big Sister figurine.

Bioshock 2 LE
Bioshock 1, perhaps famously, had a special edition almost entirely created because of the game’s fans. Fans wanted a special edition for the game, and so they created a petition. Unlike most online petitions, this one actually attracted the attention of the developer and said they would create a limited edition if the petition hit 10,000 signatures. It did, and so a special edition was released.

Bioshock 2 is set to come out in the comings months and there has been no petition, and little sign of a special edition, until now. Today 2K games announced a special edition of Bioshock 2 for $99 on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and $89 on the PC. The collector’s edition comes in a nice little black box with an 164 page art book, three posters, a CD of the game’s soundtrack, and a vinyl record of the original game’s soundtrack.

It certainly looks nice, and those posters have a nice vintage look to them, but it seems a bit lackluster with the addition of the Vinyl record. I’m sure some gamers have a record player, and some DJs would love to spin a little Rapture on their turntables, but otherwise that’ll just be a center piece that gains dust. Either way, expect the normal and special edition February 9th.

BioShock 2 Special Edition vinyl-y announced

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