OnLive Works on Cell Phones, too


We’re not sure why you’d want to stream Modern Warfare 2 on your iPhone, but you can totally do it now.

OnLive, the self-proclaimed “Future of Video Games” is an ambitious project. With OnLive, you will be able to stream video games to any TV or Computer (PC and Mac), without any hardware requirements other than a fast internet connection. Of course, critics will come in masses, but the guys behind OnLive look dedicated (they even have a dashingly spiffy site).

This week, we learn from the OnLive team that the service will not only stream to the above consoles, but will also be available on cellphones. This essentially means that if you want, you can play a PC/Console game like say, I don’t know, Modern Warfare 2 and have it streamed straight to your cellphone.

Of course, how the controls will work is anyone’s guess. And there’s always the number one problem everyone cites when they think of OnLive: latency. Will the service be lag-free, or will we have to get used to lag on singplayer games too? Questions need answers, and right now, we don’t have any.

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