Dead Space 2 To Have Multiplayer?


In space, no one can hear you scream… a hundred homophobic curses.

A job listing by EA for the Dead Space Franchise appears to hint that they’re looking for an Online Level Designer for the next game in the line, Dead Space 2. This comes across as a surprise because not only did the first game not have multiplayer, but nobody even thought about a multiplayer component to Dead Space.

We don’t get a whole lot of info from that job blurb itself, but this pretty much affirms that Dead Space 2 will have a multiplayer component. The question is, how they will accomplish this. Dead Space was a very singleplayer experience, and I can’t quite imagine its odd weaponry used in a multiplayer environment.

Then there’s the game’s emphasis on “strategic dismemberment”. Chopping off other players’ hands and legs sounds fun- getting your own chopped off? Not so much. But then, a co-op sounds like the best idea here. A 2-Player co-op system wouldn’t be too cramped in Dead Space’s environment and would even be somewhat fun. It’ll even add to the horror aspect in a way, for eg. if a mission requires one player to stand ground and the other to go flip a switch somewhere far away.

Regardless, this is something we’re going to keep an eye on. Dead Space was a great, albeit marred game (at least for the PC), and we want to see how grotesque the sequel looks.

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