God of War III collector’s edition is expensive and sexy

God of war III ultimate edition
Collector’s edition copies of big games aren’t really a huge surprise these days, but they’re actually starting to get interesting. GTAVI had the safe deposit box, Halo 3 had a helmet you can’t wear, Gears of War 2 had a Lancer replica(from amazon), Modern Warfare 2 has the nightvision goggles, and now the God of War is stepping in to the ring.

Sony has announced a collector’s edition of the PS3 sequel called the “ultimate edition”. The ultimate edition, priced at 100 dollars us according to Gamestop, comes with your standard collector’s edition affair, but with some interesting flairs. Unsurprisingly there’s an art book, which includes game art and interviews. There’s a making of DVD, but it’s a movie length documentary following the series’ development.

There is music as well, soundtrack from both God of War II and God of War III along with and EP called God of War: Blood and Metal which is a heavy metal “homage” with original music inspired by the series. A special environment with unique challenges called the God of War Combat Arena is featured with the edition, along with a unique skin for Kratos called the “Dominus”.

What tops off all of this and warrants the 100 dollar price tag is the packaging. Beyond having all of that, and the game it comes in a box, and not just any box. The box is a replica of Pandora’s box from the game, and it is a drop dead sexy looking box. It’s still a little pricey, but I’m personally having trouble not going down to Gamestop and pre-ordering this edition because of that box.

(from left to right: Amazon, Gamecrazy, Gamestop)
(from left to right: Amazon, Gamecrazy, Gamestop)

Speaking of pre-ordering, Sony’s also released a few other things in regards to God of War III. Early pre-order adopters have been sent demo codes for the game already, and other pre-orderees will also get the demo code as well(I’m still going to get District 9 on blu-ray). However, depending on where you pre-order might depend on how Kratos looks. Amazon, Gamecrazy and Gamestop have their own unique skins for the game for people who preorder.

The game won’t be out until March 16 2010, but if news keeps on coming out like this then there will be some incredibly massive hype on this game when it comes out. Sony is finally finding a good way to advertise that doesn’t include Nazis, spousal abuse or suicide.

God of War III Ultimate Edition and Pre-Order Items Announced [Sony]

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