Thor’s father, Odin, to be played by Anthony Hopkins

This might be the best thing to come out of the Disney/Marvel acquisition thus far. The biggest thing working for Marvel with the acquisition was that they had a bigger bank to make movies out of their franchises with, so movies like Thor, Captain America and The Avengers could be made. Thor was the one movie that was really questioned on if it was going to be made, what with the character not being known as well as the rest.

Some roles have been set up, most notably is Chris Hemsworth as Thor himself. Hemsworth was in a soap opera called Home and Away, but most Americans would know him as George Kirk in the Star Trek movie. Well another big role has been cast, the role of Thor’s father, the allfather, Odin.

The role of Odin is going to be played by Anthony Hopkins, which is a rather impressive feat to me. Some work might be needed to make Hopkins into a believable looking Odin, but with Hopkin’s acting chops we’ll probably hear and see(at least through his acting) a believeable Odin. What does strike me as a bit odd is that Hopkins is probably the biggest name in the movie thus far, but that didn’t seem to hurt Star Trek much. Thor is scheduled to be released on May 20th 2011, so be patient on this one.

Anthony Hopkins to Play Odin in Kenneth Branagh’s THOR Starring Chris Hemsworth [Collider]

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