Mass Effect 2 has a release date, and pre-order armor

Mass Effect 2 terminus
Mass Effect 2, the sequel to Bioware’s scifi third person role playing shooter game, finally has a release date set in stone. The game will be released on January 29th in North America, and Februrary 1st in Europe for both the Xbox 360 and the PC.

At the same time as this announcement for the release date EA announced a few preorder bonuses for the game. One is specifically for Gamestop, the other is for most of the other retailers. The Gamestop preorder bonus includes the Terminus armor(seen above), aimed at augmentiing run speed, damage, shields, and giving extra ammo reserves, along with the M-490 Blackstorm Heavy Weapon(also seen above), which creates a gravity well.

The other includes the sole bonus of the Inferno(below) armor, which increases Shepard’s negotiation, run speed, and damage from combat powers. A far cry from the Gamestop bonus, but it’s still better than nothing.
Mass effect 2 inferno
Fortunately pictures for both were released, and the winner aesthetics wise is, again, the Gamestop bonus to me. It is nice, however, to see that the armor and weapons in Mass Effect 2 aren’t as plain as they were in the original game.

BioWare Announces January 26 Launch Date for Mass Effect 2 Together with Exciting Pre-Order Incentives [EA]

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