Xbox 360 Avatar arcade incoming?

Xbox 360 Avatar Arcade
The PlayStation Home, while interesting when first announced, has proved to be a huge bore. Despite this general approach, it would seem Microsoft might be taking steps to copy one element of the PlayStation Home. A consumer survey sent to Joystiq from a reader suggests that Microsoft might be looking into an arcade using the Xbox Avatars, similar to that of the PlayStation Home’s virtual Arcades.

Two pictures show the Xbox Avatars at arcade cabinets playing games with some heavy usage of Atari logos around the arcade room. The survey focuses on which name would persuade a person to purchase the product, namely the arcade. Several names, such as AvatArcade, RetroCade, Game Room and Tower of ROM, amongst others, are given.

I would think this is part of Microsoft’s primetime campaign for the NXE, alongside 1Vs100, as there have been hints that the 1Vs100 service might be pay-to-play at some point. Microsoft, of course, responded to Kotaku saying do “not comment on rumors or speculation.” Surprise surprise.

Survey shows Xbox Avatar ‘RetroCade’ [Joystiq]

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