FIFA 10 is Officially the Fastest Selling Sports Game of All Time!



EA’s real happy right now, because their latest in the long, long line of FIFA games, sold 1.7 Million copies in the first week itself! That makes it the fastest selling sports game for all time, and well, that means a lot of people have it.

“We were confident that FIFA 10 would be a hit, and this week fans across Europe have shown just how much they love this game,” said Peter Moore, President of EA SPORTS. “We are incredibly proud of FIFA 10 and this kick-off for great, authentic football competition.”

Well, we’re no industry analysts, but making a high-budget, licensed football game, releasing it in every known country for every known console, should reap some rewards indeed. The game actually got some good reviews too, I hear. I tried its demo and after a couple of manages, got rid of it. Football’s well and good, but I’m no footie fan.

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