Dead Space 2 is exiting pre-production stages

deadspace sequel
Dead Space was possibly one of the most enjoyable horror games I have ever played. Good controls, camera, story, great gameplay, and an absolutely terrifying atmosphere. The game was played by millions of gamers, however many of those were rentals, which resulted in the game being remade for the Wii. Despite that, it would seem that development of a sequel is well under way.

A recent job listing was made by EA senior recruiter Jeff Ballard on LinkIn, a profession networking site, looking for designers for the Dead Space sequel. The listing makes mention that the game is in the late stages of pre-production, and should be ready for production with in a few month. I wouldn’t expect to see the game any time soon, but it’s good to hear that a true sequel to this great game is being made.

Dead Space 2 entering production in ‘next few months’ [Joystiq]

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