EA’s Dante’s Inferno PR campaign gets really wierd

Via Destructoid
Via Destructoid

While we didn’t report on the earlier Dante’s Inferno PR campaigns, this one seems weird enough to warrant such a thing. EA’s created some controversy with their upcoming Hack and Slash adventure game, that was originally for a movie I’m not entirely certain is in production anymore. From fake protests outside the E3 that brought around a rather painfully funny slap about the game’s influence, to anger about giving away women as prizes.

Since those two controversies EA’s pulled their punches a bit. Most recently they have sent out 200 dollar checks to gaming blogs, such as Kotaku, Joystiq and Destructoid, for the Greed level in hell. Cashing and keeping the check is Avarice, but doing nothing with it was wasting the wealth. So the logical choice is for one of these blogs to give it away, either to charity or to a reader. Destructoid chose the latter.

It took longer than EA expected it would seem, and they sent out a response. The response? A SEVERED HAND! Not a real one mind you, but it is fairly realistic. The hand is grasping a handful of gold coins, with bones and such sticking out. A note next to the hand in the wooden box it came in reads the following:

Foul Horder, The Fourth Circle of Hell Awaits

A hand that clutches gold cannot reach forth to help his fellow man. You have hoarded the wealth of the world and incurred the debt of greed, and the wages of your sin were paid by the innocent. For the wealth of one shall always come at the suffering of another.

Go to hell

Brutal, but what about Joystiq and Kotaku? Kotaku chose to burn the check, leaving the money in the hands of the people who original gave it out, EA, to do with it what they see fit, like donate to a charity. Such seems lazy, and indeed guilty of sloth, unlike Joystiq who donated it to The White House Project. Neither have reported getting anything in the mail. Only time will tell, but I am extremely interested to see where EA goes from here. Lust, and Greed are just two levels of hell, and there are seven more to go.

And now a severed hand: Dante’s Inferno PR gets scary [Destructoid]

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  1. The Game goes through the 9 circles of hell from classic book Dante’s Inferno Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, Treachery. They have 5 more circles of hell to go through. Anger, Hresy Violence Fraud and Treachery. Go to their website http://www.dantesinferno.com to see a new level of hell on the 9th of every month.

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