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Zune HD

One feature that Microsoft did not mention during its E3 09 press conference was how the Zune HD was going to become its portable gaming platform. Why would the handheld device take full use of the Xbox Live video service while it wouldn’t use any the other functions such as Xbox Live Arcade? Well it looks like the Zune will now become a new gaming platform and hopefully we’ll start to see some Arcade titles being ported over soon.

New promo videos have been popping up across the web that features gameplay from Zune HD games. Good move considering how important the iPhone and iPod Touch have become to the handheld gaming market.

Gizmodo is reporting that the launch titles include Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition, Vans Sk8: Pool Service, and Audiosurf Tilt.

Things are definitely heating up for the Zune device, but is this enough to go out and buy a brand new Zune HD model?

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2 thoughts on “Zune Goes Gaming”

  1. Well suns with xbox arcade games it will be even better if we are going to be able to link it to gamerscore. Does anyon knows?

  2. It’s too early to say for sure, but I do truly believe that Microsoft is trying to link its products together. This Fall when the Zune can access the Xbox Live video service, when you buy a video on the Zune you’ll also be able to download that same video on your Xbox 360. They definitely will be accessing your account information so it will only be a matter of time until they link the gamerscore with your Zune games.

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