Halo 3: ODST commercial is epic

A few years ago, when Halo 3 was making its rounds for release, Microsoft made some amazing commercials. One of a large fight scene stopped in time while the camera floated around the battle. A few documentary style commercials talking about the story and the Master Chief. Then one by Neill Blomkamp, director of the super awesome District 9, of a fight between some UNSC soldiers and Covenant soldiers.

Well Halo 3: ODST is less than two weeks away and the advertising is starting to kick in. Taking a note from Halo 3, they’re going with the guerrilla shot video focusing on a ODST’s(or helljumper) life in brief. From civilian, to greenhorn, to hardened death machine.

My feelings about the game have been overall unimpressed, but this commercial, which lacks any gameplay footage, somehow got me excited. It’d be nice to see more commercials like this, but with the game out so soon I don’t expect much.

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