Courtney Love not happy about Cobain in Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero Cobain
Maybe it’s her drug addled mind, or maybe she’s actually speaking the truth, but Kurt Cobain’s Widow is angry at Activision. Evidently Courtney Love has said on her twitter that she did not okay Kurt Cobain’s addition in the game and that she intends to sue Activision and get his likeness remove from Guitar Hero 5.

Activision, in response, said that they secured the licensing rights from Cobain’s estate through Courtney Love to feature Cobain’s likeness in the game as a playable character. Love hasn’t responded to this yet, but I can’t help but imagine this is just her completely forgetting about agreeing to this.

Courtney Love intends to sue Activision over Guitar Hero 5’s reanimated Cobain [update] [Joystiq]
Activision: Courtney Love agreed to Cobain avatar [Joystiq]

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