Arkham Asylum has the best copy protection EVER

Batman cry
Copy protection has been a difficult thing for PC games. CDkeys don’t quite work, online connection to verify often creates issues, and SecuROM is largely hated by the PC gaming community. So what is Rocksteady’s choice for copy protection for Arkham Asylum? Keeping people from progressing.

A user on the Eidos forums made a post asking about why he couldn’t use his cape’s glide feature, despite hitting the button. He was outed as a pirate, as the PC game has not yet been released and the demo not having some of the features he mentioned. So an Eidos forum admin steps in and explains the issue.

The problem you have encountered is a hook in the copy protection, to catch out people who try and download cracked versions of the game for free.

It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code.

I don’t think there’s enough Aloe Vera in the world to help with that massive burn.

Arkham Asylum breaks the Bat for pirates [Destructoid]

5 thoughts on “Arkham Asylum has the best copy protection EVER”

  1. That’s bullshit though. The pirated version is the direct2drive version. So anyone who pre-downloaded via that is going to get screwed as well. They’ll probably release a patch for it, but then the pirates will have it as well.

  2. Its ridiculous that they’re doing a delayed release of AA for the PC. The game is obviously created and developed on computers, so it should be released for PC FIRST if anything. Ive downloaded pirated games before, and after a few hours if its good I’ll go buy the game for full functionality; just like a demo.

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