A new Judge Dredd movie in the works?

Dredd 1
The Film industry has taken a change for the better in the past few years, especially with adaptations. Sure there are some stinkers here and there, like The Spirit and Jumper, but for the most part it’s been for the better. Judge Dredd was one of those movies that came before the age of darker toned comic book adaptations.

Well it would seem that the adaptation ring has come full circle, slightly. Jock, British artist who drew Losers and worked on 2000 AD, has been working on some art recently, as artists generally do. Specifically art for adaptions of stuff he’s worked on.
On his twitter he’s been tweeting about some work he’s done, like a piece done for WB for the Losers movie that’s in production right now. More interestingly he’s tweeted about script visuals for a Judge Dredd movie, scripted by Alex Garland.

Garland is the writer for 28 Days Later and Sunshine, along with an un-produced script for the Halo movie. He also wrote a book which Danny Boyle adapted into a movie. The two have worked together pretty consistently, and his production company is working on restart adaptation for Judge Dredd.

This doesn’t quite confirm it’s being made, or that Alex Garland is the screenwriter, but it does show some promise. This also doesn’t point at who might be directing the movie, but this whole thing shows promise. A darker Judge Dredd movie would be amazing, even more so without Stallone and Schneider to crap it up.
Dredd 2
Dredd 3
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