Aliens in the Attic – Nintendo DS Review

Aliens in the Attic Nintendo DS

Lets face it most movie games suck, but occassionally there are some good titles out there. But is Aliens in the Attic one of them?

I’d say that answer depends on who you are. If you’re a kid that enjoyed this film this Nintendo DS game will be a fine companion. If you’re anyone else, especially one of those people that did not enjoy the film do not bother with this title.

The gameplay is all side scroller based. It features 5 main locations that are rehashed to create 25 different levels. That’s not necessarily such a bad thing because the gameplay does evolve to become more challenging over time. You’re able to switch between all three kids and each has their own special power.

Graphically speaking the game suffers from its camera. The avatars are tiny specks on the screen. The backgrounds a visually pleasing and the animations run smoothly.

I have yet to see the film version of Aliens in the Attic, but I am a little more curious to actually watch it at some point after playing this game. I’m shocked to say that I did laugh at a couple of dialog moments within the game.

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