Possible Cloverfield 2 viral teaser.

It’s been a year since the viral advertisement giant, Cloverfield came out. Whispers of a sequel have been coming from all over the place since it came out, with nothing solid being said. Much like most viral advertisement I saw this through another website, which came from another. This video passed through several sources to arrive at this place like a flu virus.

The video, which you can watch below, features much of the same amateur shot footage seen in the first movie. The video takes place on the Santa Monica Promenade. A japanese tourist, as evident by the video’s name, is looking at one of the plant dinosaur on the promenade. A few cuts of a man playing with a baby.

A loud noise, not quite a roar, but not quite anything else. Camera goes crazy, mixed footage of something with a picture of the Santa Monica mall’s parking structure. Running, sirens, and a picture of a street sign in Santa Monica. Give ya a hint, J.J. Abram’s office is near the street. Give up? Cloverfield.

It’s in no way confirming a sequel is being made, but the style is very much like the original movie. It could just be a fan’s tribute, or it could be viral advertisement for something else entirely. I’m hoping it’s the start of a viral advertisement campaign for a sequel.


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