Hans Zimmer scoring Modern Warfare 2?

Hans Zimmer
With video games becoming more and more mainstream, I could only see this as an inevitability. Academy Award and Golden Globe winning composer, Hans Zimmer, has apparently scored the soundtrack for the upcoming first person shooter Modern Warfare 2. Well, this is only concluded from a Kotaku reader finding the game listed on Zimmer’s resume.

Zimmer is has 7 Academy Award nominations on his belt, one win. He also has 9 Golden globe Nominations, two of which he won. To see, or rather hear, Zimmer scoring a video game such as Modern Warfare 2 is a nice surprise.

I can’t help but wonder if any other famous composes will follow suit. It’d be nice to see Danny Elfman scoring an entire game. Still, with this just being a rumor it might end up just being false. Until Activision, Infinity Ward, or Has Zimmer himself confirms it we will still only guess this to be true.

Talent Agency: Hans Zimmer Is Scoring Modern Warfare 2 [Kotaku]

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