Rock Band Country Track Pack – Xbox 360 Review

Rock Band Country Track Pack

Like Country? Like Rock Band? Think the two would be awesome together? Need I ask another question?

For those of you who don’t know Track Packs are a collection of music tracks that are put together for those who want an easy and quick way to play a particular genre of music. You do not need the original Rock Band to play, but you do need either its drum, microphone, or guitar controller to play.

The playable tracks include:
1. Good Time
2. Mud on the Tires
3. Hillbilly Deluxe
4.Cry Lonely
5. Freee and Easy
6. Sin Wagon
7. 3 Dimes Down
8. She’s Country
9. I Told You So
10. She Thinks my Tractor’s Sexy
11. The Gambler
12. Can’t Let Go
13. This One’s For the Girls
14. Gunpowder & Lead
15. Gone
16. Me & My Gang
17. Suds in the Bucket
18. Any Man of Mine
19. Satellite Radio
20. Swing
21. On the Road Again

While the music is great, the presentation is a generic Rock Band template. I was dissappointed that the characters or locations were designed to fit a country theme. Where were the cowboy hats and haystacks? These graphical touches would have made the game that much more entertaining and special.

The good news is that this pack only costs $30. So you’re actually paying less than $1.50 per song.

If you have the original Rock Band or Rock Band 2, there is no way to transfer your band member to this pack. Thankfully there is also a redeem code in the back of your game manual that allows the tracks to be played in Rock Band and in Rock Band 2.

What it comes down to is that this Country Track Pack is not essential for your Rock Band experience, but if you like country music there’s no reason not to purchase it.

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