Kickass movie being fought over for distribution

Kickass is not a description of the movie, however it might be kickass. Rather Kickass is a movie based on a comic book series by Wanted creator Mark Millar. The movie was financed independently because no one wanted to make it. The script(much like the comic book series) features some ultraviolent scenes and gratuitous foul language.

Well the movie was made anyway, and part of it was shown at ComicCon. Because it was shown at ComicCon and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the movie now there is a fight over the rights for the movie. LionsGate, Paramount and Universal are in a bidding war over distribution rights.

Why a fight over it now? Because the movie is finished. Beyond paying for the rights and advertisement it’s a cheap investment. No finances to worry about getting the movie started or any of that production nonsense, just marketing.

In either case, the movie is done, chances are it won’t be re-cut or changed, just maybe some small post-production changes if they get enough money for some better special effects. As long as the movie gets out there it’s good. I can’t wait for the movie, especially since the comic book is still going and has had delay after delay for a while now. It’d be nice to actually see an ending at some point.

Collider’s report on Kick-ass distribution rights

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