Three Capcom 360 titles for the price of one-ish

Capcom has a pretty good track record with the 360… well except for maybe Bionic Commando. Beyond that however they have a fairly good selection. Street Fighter 4, Lost Planet, Dead Rising(a MUST HAVE for any 360 owner), Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5 and the slew of Xbox Live Arcade titles they’ve released.

Well Capcom is bundling those games, or rather some of them. Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Devil May Cry 4 are all going to be hitting the Platinum hits section, and they’re doing it together. The three titles are going to be released in a triple pack next month for 39.99 US.

The pack itself is a great deal, when a normal Platinum Hits title is ten dollars less and you only get one good game instead of three. The main problem is that most Xbox 360 owners probably already have at least two, if not all three, of the titles. What this bundle does create is a good starter kit for a new 360 owner.

If you’re getting a 360 and want some good games to start out with, then this bundle would be perfect. Dead Rising still remains one of the best games on the 360, Lost Planet is a third person shooter romp, and Devil May Cry 4 is a great sequel to a great series. If you’re interested keep your eyes peeled when it comes out September 8th.

Announcement of three capcom titles for the price of one

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