The Middle Man – DVD Review


Quirky, off-beat, and filled with pop culture reference, ABC Family’s The Middle Man satirizes the superhero and comic genres through a variety of comedic means. Reminiscent of Men in Black, the series tells the tale of struggling artist Wendy Watson (the sexy Natalie Morales) who is recruited to help fight the evil doers of the world by the Middle Man himself, played by Matt Keeslar.

Together, the two fight evil monsters and aliens, mad scientists, and a host of other comic book-style villains in the pursuit of peace and harmony in the world. Creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost) conceived the initial idea for the series, which went from comic book to TV series, and now DVD.

The dialogue is rapid-fire and brings to mind the speedy repartee utilized on Gilmore Girls. The effects are campy and over-the-top, which fits the concept and tone of the series quite well. While it does contain sci-fi elements, the show’s main drive is comedy through the use of topical references, sight gags, and one-liners.

The Middle Man DVD collection is loaded with special features. Among them are audio commentaries on select episodes, a handy booklet with a note from the creator and an episode guide, and the following:

Web Featurettes

Five mini-docs produced for the internet to introduce people to the series, its characters, and its creator.

Alternate Scenes

Two scenes that didn’t make the cut.

Weekly Javicasts

Series creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach answers fan mail and discusses different aspects of the show’s production. Twelve Javicasts in all.

The ABC Family Middle Man-ager

Not quite sure when or where these were used, but they are basically sneak previews of several episodes presented by the Official ABC Family Middle Man-ager.

Gag Reel


Audition Footage

See four the main cast members in the early stages of the audition process.

The Wilhelm Scream

A brief history of the classic sound effect, followed by a montage of its use in every episode of the series.

The Evolution of the Opening Title Sequence

Check out the three different versions of the opening titles proposed for the series.

“The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome” Table Read

Watch as cast and crew read through the script of the series finale.

“Scream Ur Luv 4 Me” Music Video


Tongue-in-cheek Public Service Announcements related to the series.

Photo Gallery by Photographer Ralph King

If you like your sci-fi campy, if you enjoy the classic Batman series or the live-action version of The Tick, then The Middle Man is the show for you. Silly fun for start to finish.

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