Resident Evil 5 Soundtrack – Review

Resident Evil 5 soundtrack

There’s something to be said for a soundtrack that offers 86 music tracks. That’s a lot of music! This three disc compilation is definitely the definitive collection for fans.

Out all of the discs, I enjoyed the second the best. I highly suggests driving around town with disc 2 playing. It will make you feel very tense and practically give you a heart attack as you drive to your location. Think 24 Jack Bauer, the world is about to end and only you can stop it.

Disc one has more ambient sounding music. It’s kind of slow paced and ultimately forgettable.

Disc three has a wide arrange of music. It includes a mixture vocal, electronic, and orchestral. I don’t think these really flow well together, but there are individual tracks that are worth listening to.

What I enjoy about video game soundtracks is that they allow you to remember parts of the game without having to go back and play through 10 hours of gameplay to relive the moment. If you’re like me and enjoyed playing Resident Evil 5 give the soundtrack and whirl!

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