Xbox chases it’s tail, new Xbox out in 2010, then not

I’m beginning to wonder if Microsoft communicates internally, or just forgets to talk to their employees. Earlier this week, a rumor floated around about Project Natal a large part of the next Xbox console. This rumor was followed by a semi-flat denial by Microsoft.

Now Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, has made a speech in Chicago that confirms a new Xbox due next year. His speech suggested that the recently announced Project Natal would be built in to this new console by saying it would be built with a “natural interface” and built-in camera.

Well news just broke than the CEO of Microsoft is mistaken. His speech writers are SO fired. The head of Microsoft’s Xbox Live and product management department, Aaron Greenberg, has said “We’re not going to be launching a new console any time soon,” He further explains that, “I really believe he was speaking about Project Natal.”

Now, while this denies the rumor of Natal being an integral part of the Xbox 720 or whatever, it doesn’t meant the Xbox 360 won’t be shipping with Natal. Companies put their best foot forward, Microsoft is no exception with their Wii-killer being shown off in every news outlet and even being featured on late night talk shows. I’m willing to bet that, when it’s ready to be released, Microsoft is going to release Project Natal with the Xbox 360 in a bundle.

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