The return of the point and click adventure genre?

At the E3 it was announced a remake of classic point and click adventure The Secret of Monkey Island was going to be released. The game features much of the same setting and writing(which includes Tim Schafer as one of it’s head writers) but with a refined interface, updated graphics, remastered music, and voice acting.

Well this release is getting Lucasart to hope for some more significant releases. If the game sells well then the studio hopes to release more of their famous point and click adventures. These games could include comedy point and click classics like Day of the Tentacles, Grim Fandango, and Full Throttle.

I’m quite hopeful for the game’s release. Secret of Monkey Island is one of the funniest games I’ve played, as is Grim Fandango. Considering the overwhelming success Telltales games has had with their episodic content point and click games I’m thinking we might see a remastered Full Throttle quite soon. Until then… LOOK BEHIND YOU! A THREE HEADED MONKEY!

Behold! The rebirth of Lucasarts Adventure games

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