Pre-E3 Trailer For Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising


E3’s right around the corner and Codemaster’s hyping up what must be their top showing: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Check out the new, badass trailer after the break!

I’m not terribly interested in this year’s E3, largely because I don’t see any games I’m very interested, but if I did have an E3 list this year, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising would be at the top. Because I loved the original and I don’t want some ArmA as a sequel, I want a full-blown sequel, and this is it.

For those of you who don’t know what this is (but still clicked the link like the brave little piggies you are), Operation Flashpoint was a war simulation game released back in 2001. Don’t snicker, it really was a war simulation game: you had limited ammo, no health bar and had to realistically work in a team. And all this before Call of Duty (whose team-based missions also allow for a decent level of cinematic heroics).

Also, the graphics are looking pretty slick. The original’s graphics looked… horrific to say the least (except when you viewed the scenery from afar, then you were presented with a vista that was only surpassed by the release of Far Cry). Dragon Rising is really shaping up to be a fantastic game, that will hopefully trump the original.

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