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With an uninspiring lack of enthusiasm the name of the NCIS spin-off has been announced, NCIS: Los Angeles.

Considering this is CBS, the network with CSI, CSI: New York and CSI: Miami this should have been expected but they could have given it a much more exciting title. How about NCIS: Undercover or NCIS: Deployed. Those sound a lot cooler than just the name of the new location.

NCIS is a show following Navy investigators and has a great ensemble cast of actors, after the interesting two part crossover episode shown in the States a few weeks ago it will be interesting to see if technology will be overused or the characters will become able to maintain the interest of the viewers. According to one viewer of the NCIS crossover, the screens used as plot points that are supposed to be so high-tech are the same model used by Fox News and CNN that can only play video boxes so to see people pretending to focus in on items to further the story or instantly catch cell phone calls is a bit too much for a tech savvy viewer to forgive.

There is also the worry that now the spin-off will be starting in the fall combined with the original NCIS the shelf life of the original could be shortened if it costs more to keep the actors going for more seasons than a cheaper new cast. We can only hope that the original NCIS keeps going as it is a fantastic comedy when it chooses to be.

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