Why There is No Indigo Prophecy 2


David Cage, chief dude behind Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit reveals why he chose not to make a sequel to it. Plus, we’ve got a picture of Carla in her underpants.

In this interview given to 1UP, David Cage looks back at Indigo Prophecy (the game that made him a star, sort of) and explains why there will be no more indigo prophesying:

After Indigo, I wanted to work on something different because I thought the game would be a commercial disaster. It was really different from what the industry was doing and there was absolutely no hype about emotion or narrative. But when we started talking to publishers, many of them told us they loved Indigo and they were interested in publishing the sequel.

So I started thinking of Indigo 2 but I quickly realized I had nothing more to say on this story and these characters. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, but they were attached to a moment in my life, and I had moved on. I wanted to write something more personal, deeper, more adult, with no world to save and no supernatural powers.

…and he got cracking on Heavy Rain, which hasn’t come out yet, but will, soon, soon. What I find interesting is the part that says that there were publishers interested in publishing a sequel to IP.

The game did attract its share of attention, but didn’t herald the often predicted “resurrection-of-adventure-games” (its mortifying action sequences could be a contributing factor).

Also, props to Cage for not making the sequel. I myself was left completely befuddled by the ending (by the direction the story took in the second half, really, it was way out), and am thankful that there’s no sequel, it just wouldn’t fit.

Oh, and Cage also agrees that the ending was pretty haphazard. Why can’t there be more cool game designers like this guy? Well, there is Tim Schafer. Hmm.

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