No SecuROM Protection for Dragon Age: Origins


BioWare’s upcoming old-school RPG will use an old-school disk check, instead of any troublesome copy protection.

When you start up your PC copy of Dragon Age: Origins, you’ll only have a simple disk check standing between you and the game.

It seems that Electronic Arts finally got a hint from the DLC hullabaloo that occurred right after the launch of Will Wright’s SPORE (which was a DLC idea that practically defined stupidity).

EA is using a similar disk-only copy protection system for The Sims 3, so wait- EA is one of the good guys again? The only other publisher I’ve known to be so lenient with copy-protection would be Bethesda, who implement a similar disk check for their games, instead of SecuROM or any other such overly complex system.

Way to go, EA!

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