Deadpool Getting His Own Spin-Off Movie


To probably make up for what they did to Deadpool in Wolverine, Fox is all-set to release a spin-off based on Deadpool himself.

Like Ian, who wrote up our Wolverine review, I’m not much of a comic book guy myself, but I make it a habit to keep up with all the characters. At least enough to know that Deadpool is one mean, badass mofo that doesn’t become a- never mind, spoiler territory.

It seems that Fox has decided to go ahead with a solo Deadpool movie currently titled simply Deadpool, because it is that badass a title. Ryan Reynolds will return for the role, and thankfully, we’ll be seeing Deadpool from his wise-cracking mercenary days, you know, when he was actually cool.

We don’t know if he’ll break the Fourth Wall as he usually does in the comics. I think he should, it would be totally awesome, but I wouldn’t count on Fox to allow it. It would be very un-movie-like.

Regardless, this has potential for coolness, but it’d be wise not to get your hopes up. For all it’s worth, it may end up with a shoddy Wolverine-like plot. Still, it’s Deadpool. They can’t mess up Deadpool twice, right? Right?

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