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An interesting title for this newest episode of Lost. Will there be a Star Wars reference embedded somewhere in the episode? Knowing Lost it’s a possibility. If you’ve been keeping up with this season you know that things have continued to grow in complexity as some of the Oceanic Six find themselves trapped in the 1970s, while others crash landed, literally, in the present day world of the Island.

With Ben out for retribution for his past sins, we got a look at the smoke monsters residence, which happens to be filled with Egyptian hieroglyphics carved into the stone walls and pillars. The smoke monster manifested itself into the form of Alex, Ben’s “daughter,” and told him not to kill Locke (as if trying once and succeeding a second time wasn’t enough!).

It was a solid episode that continued to unravel mysteries pertaining to both the Island and to Benjamin Linus’s past on the Island after he killed off the Dharma Initiative.

But on to tonight’s ep…

A straightforward episode that returned to the traditional Lost story structure from the first season. This time around we got to learn about Miles (Ken Leung). What appears to be a pattern this season, flashbacks tend to encompass a large part of a chatracter’s life instead of just one particular event like in season one.

Tonight, we learned that Miles knew he had his special ability at an early age. That he used his ability to make decent money, and that his ability garnered him a trip and large paycheck to search for Ben on the Island (hence why he demanded $1.2 million from Ben last season).

We also learned that Miles’s parents were part of the Dharma Initiative and what’s more, his father was Marvin Candle the dude from the Dharma training films! It appears Miles was born on the Island, so does that mean it was once possible for women to get pregnant on the Island and not die?

Meanwhile, Hurley’s writing The Empire Strikes Back and making it better, and even uses Star Wars as an analogy for the relationship between Miles and his estranged father. Deep stuff, but palpable enough to get Miles and his father to reconnect (even if dad has no clue who Miles really is).

It stands to reason that the absence of Young Ben would come back to haunt everyone involved. As tension mounts and suspicions arise, who will survive, and who will pay the price for their misdeeds?

And then there’s Faraday! He’s back, baby. It’s been quite a while. But how did he get off the Island to begin with? A few theories:

• Remember the flash during the Ajira Air crash that transported Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid to the 70s? Is it possible that Faraday moved the Island in order to get off the Island and he caused the shift in time? That was the last time there was a time flash, and it fits the time frame.

• Maybe, since Faraday does know about the Island and the time/space issues, that he knows another way off the Island that no one else knows about.

• Perhaps he snuck onto another sub that was leaving the Island, got information that was needed to help the Island folks out, and then returned (but probably not).

It was a fairly straightforward episode that really didn’t pose any big questions other than Faraday’s return. But, as always, here a few things to ponder:

What are the qualifications to be in the Dharma Initiative’s Circle of Trust? Do you just have to be around?

Does Michael’s son, Walt, have the same ability as Miles?

If the smaller Island is called Hydra Island, what is the main Island referred to as?

Who is Felix why was he Widmore’s gopher for the Oceanic 815 cover-up? Have we met Felix before?

The Numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) are a serial number? Does that change their significance? Does it make them even more mysterious?

Miles was asked after he was briefly abducted: “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” This was also asked to Lapidus last week before he was knocked out. Is this the pass code for another secret organization like Dharma with ties to the Island?

No new episode next week, but the 100th episode is just around the corner. For free eps of Lost, log-on to www.abc.com. There will be a Lost post next week, so make sure to come back for more Lost fun!

For more information on planet Hoth from Star Wars, check out http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Hoth.

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4 thoughts on “Lost Recap – Some Like It Hoth”

  1. You can figure out the numbers significance if you research online due to the old lost “reality” online game called The Lost Experience they had going a while back where they created websites for things like the oceanic airlines, the hanzo cooperation, and other various Lost related companies.

    The numbers are factors in the Vanzetti equation which will determine the end of mankind.
    The Dharma Initiative’s goals were to change one of these factors.

  2. I read somewhere that the creators of those online games just made that stuff up. I don’t think Lost’s creators would have given up a critical piece of the Dharma mission so early in the show’s run.

  3. No, no. It’s real. Research it.
    It’s not really a game, it’s a bunch of websites and commercials that were linked together.

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