Borderlands Art Update Coming Soon


Borderlands, the super-open-ended original coming from Gearbox hasn’t been on the media radar for a while. But Gearbox promises us some new content very, very soon.

Specifically, Gearbox declared that Borderlands will not be cell-shaded (I don’t know why everyone thought it was, it didn’t look cell-shaded in the least) and that it has a dark and gritty atmosphere, of course. Can’t have a post-apocalyptic dystopia without one, can you?

But what have I all hyped you up for? It’s this: Gearbox has made some advancements as far as the art goes and as far as the graphics supporting all that art goes.

And in classic hypespeak, it has produced some “shocking” results. To shock us, they’ll be showing off some of that fancy shiznit real soon. The game’s site goes live on the 13th of this month, which is where all that art should most likely go.

The game is also slated to appear for E3, probably as a playable one too. If you aren’t as excited as you should be, read this to get an idea of why Borderlands has the potential to be something truly awesome.

Sourciola: Kotaku

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