The Other End of the Line – DVD Review


Ah, the intriguing world of telemarketing. So exciting and fast-paced. Talking to dozens of people a day. This can only lead to the inevitable question:


What happens when a hot shot advertising guy (Jesse Metcalfe, John Tucker Must Die) falls for a sexy-sounding Indian telemarketer (Shriya)? You get the slow-paced and often mind-numbingly tedious film The Other End of the Line, which is billed as a romantic-comedy that rarely succeeds at either.

The highlight of the film is comic actor Larry Miller (The Nutty Professor, 10 Things I Hate About You), who is the only character that got any sort of response from me during the entire film. While the overall movie has a Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail feel to it, it fails to provide the same charm and heart that either of those films were able to achieve.

No special features are included on the DVD, and this includes neither a trailer or commentary. It’s fitting for a film that fails to deliver that its DVD would fail at that as well.


There are far better romantic-comedies out there that are worth watching. There’s even one quite similar in theme and concepts as this one; it’s called Outsourced.

The Other End of the Line gets a hang-up and a D. Larry Miller saved it from an F, but still…

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