The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest – DVD Review (Season 1 Vol. 1)

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

If adventure is your middle name and you’ve aged 10 years over the course of 40 years, then you might want to go questing with Jonny Quest.

This is the Quest that I grew up with. It focuses on the action and adventure with an occasional pun. People blow up in helicopters, die from poisonous gas, and more!

At the time, what really set this series apart from everything else on TV was its integration of 3D graphics and 2D cartoon. Jonny’s world is displayed in 2D while the virtual reality game ‘Questworld’ is in 3D. The graphics are so terrible by today’s standards that it almost is reason enough alone to purchase this DVD. You’ve really got to appreciate how far 3D technology has come along. The 3D animation is so jittery and bland yet hilariously beautiful at the same time. On the other hand, the 2D animation is pretty solid with lots of attention to detail. The characters don’t move around like stick figures like its ’60s cartoon predecessor.

In addition to the cheesy 3D effects, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest has a fantastic intro. Specifically the music score is superb! It’s up there with Batman: The Animated Series. And if 30 seconds isn’t worth buying 2 discs worth of material, I don’t know what is.

There’s only one special feature and it is good. It goes into detail about why they wanted to reboot Quest.

Maybe I’m a little bit biased to be reviewing this product, but I’m a Quest fan. I got hooked into this series and bought many its affiliated books. At the time, it was this and Animorphs that were the only two books that I actually read. If a TV series can be that good to make me want to read its books, then yes I highly recommend it to anyone.

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