Disney’s Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Edition – Blu-ray/DVD Review


Don’t let the cool combo concept fool you. If you only have a DVD player and want to watch the all special features offered on this special edition Blu-ray set, you’re out of luck. Only a handful of special features appear on the Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Edition DVD disc of the film.

The movie, of course is amazing and worth watching and buying. A true testament to the ingenuity and technological advancements in film animation seven decades ago. And the new restored version looks quite spiffy.

But do yourself a favor. If you do not plan on purchasing a Blu-ray player in the next six months, but the special edition DVD and not this version. You’ll thank me.


But, since this is the version I received, this is what I can honestly tell you. Pinocchio looks great on the DVD. Great picture. Great sound. It’s a wholly enjoyable film that teaches morals and values about the importance of honesty and the dangers of peer pressure. I like it. I recommend it.

But as a fan of special features, I can’t recommend this version. If you have a Blu-ray in your home and a DVD player in your car, this is the version for you. If all you have are DVD players, go with the other version.

Granted, the DVD has audio commentary, a music video of “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and a trivia track. But put up against the bonus features on the second Blu-Ray disc and they pale in comparison.

For the movie itself on the DVD (since it’s all I could watch), Disney’s Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Edition gets an A+. The scarcity of bonus features garners the DVD, sans film, a C. If you are a die-hard Pinocchio fan, get the DVD and enjoy the special features that are included. That’s what I plan to do.

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