Steam’s Free UT3 Weekend Results In Great Success!


Steam decided to shoot UT3 for a free multiplayer trial last weekend, plus a discount on the full game. The result? A massive 2000% increase in players. No kidding.

A special version of the game, Unreal Tournament 3 Black was released on Steam on March 5th, completely updated and juiced up and all that. Steam also gave the free away on a free multiplayer trial for the weekend. Turned out to be an excellent idea.

As stated above, a whopping 2000% increase in players means that either the game had a miserable amount of players, or the operation has resulted in resounding success.

To cash in even more, you can now get UT3 Black for 40% off via Steam. Plus, Steam will be offering an encore free trial this weekend this Friday.

This will probably serve as incentive for more Multiplayer-focussed games to ally with Valve’s Steam. In any case, I definitely think that this week’s encore weekend won’t be the last of this…

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