The Adventures of Two Morons: Big Bear

Black Bear

I realize that at first glance, this video seems very low grade. Well it is. Hopefully that doesn’t effect its entertainment value.

Every now and then we take road trips [click here for one back in August 2007] and well this was one of ours. Michael has been wanting to film an adaptation of one of Stephen King’s short films. One of the locations that he needs is a snowy area. In Los Angeles, Big Bear is basically the place for snow. Granted that area from where we live is over 2 hours away. Nonetheless we left around 3:30pm. Driving around at night in the forest is not really a happy experience.

This video is about our adventure.

So yeah I have no idea if outsiders will like this video. Let me know if you did like it. If you didn’t, I’m sorry that we wasted your time. 🙁

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