Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling – Excuse me as I take a piss on this DVD

Without A Paddle: Nature's Calling

What happens when a sequel copies everything that the first film did? You get a really bad movie, unless its Back to the Future 2. But this ain’t that movie, it’s Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling.

I never saw the original Without a Paddle, and after watching this sequel I can officially say that I never will. For a film that is supposed to be a comedy, I didn’t laugh once. I don’t take pride in that. I want to entertained.

I simply ask you to watch the two corresponding trailers:

Without a Paddle 1:

Without a Paddle Nature’s Calling:

Do you see any difference?

The reason why this film sucks goes down to its script. The core of the film isn’t strong. It feels like it is trying to imitate something that it is not. Events happen because they have to happen to get these characters from point A to point B. These events are predictable and boring.

The most prominent character on the DVD cover, the Squirrel with the nuts, is pathetically used as well. The Squirrel footage used in the trailer was B-roll footage and does not appear in the actual film. It was replaced with CGI. You can only begin to imagine how “great” CGI squirrels look on a film with a low budget.

Well if the story sucks and the CGI squirrels look like crap, at least we can count on some sex scenes, right? Without a Paddle Nature’s Calling is a camping movie with three guys. No don’t count in it. There are two girls that they meet and some sexual innuendos ensue, but they’re nothing special here. It’s a movie geared towards younger audiences with characters that have already graduated from college. After people graduate from college, they don’t know how to have fun anymore. Unless you’re watching St. Elmo’s Fire. Now that was a good Brat Pack movie!

In conclusion (as any long and boring educational essay goes), I throw this movie into the pile of crap that its Eco-friendly characters would use to fertilize their strawberries. Now that’s an inside joke, which only those foolish enough to watch this film would laugh at. Har. Har.

And I thought Disney was the only company that knew how to crank out its sequels.

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2 thoughts on “Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling – Excuse me as I take a piss on this DVD”

  1. your stupid dude the sequel sucks but the first one is hella good.
    dont judge a movie by its sequel.
    oh and what kind of idiot watches the sequel before the first one.

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