Aly & Aj’s Guitars

Aly & Aj's Guitars

We got our hands on Ali & Aj’s Heart Shaped Guitar for the Playstation 2. There is a model that works on the Wii as well. This stylish guitar is targeted to female rockers. So to all you guys out there, buy this for girlfriend if she likes to play Rock Band or Guitar Hero!

This guitar is literally in the shape of a heart. It definitely stands out from the crowd of generic guitars. When playing, it feels like any other guitar. The shape does not interfere with strumming.

One of the nice features about this guitar is that it is wireless. It uses four AA batteries, which are not included in the package. I guess that was a simple way to cut manufacturing costs. Thankfully the guitars only cost a decent price of $49.99 each.

The guitar is light-weight and the strumming feels solid. The colored buttons feel a little stiff. That will take some getting used too, but it didn’t greatly effect my gaming.

Aly & Aj’s Guitars are really the only guitars that are made for the female audience. Even if girl gamers don’t play Guitar Hero or Rock Band frequently, these guitars will at least look nice as they sit in the corner of the room. Maybe you’ll even want to hang them on the wall.

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