Disney Sing It

Have you ever stumbled upon something so ridiculously horrible that you can’t help but be amused at how pathetic it is?  Disney Sing It is a game that has accomplished this, and is also a game that I would not recommend to anyone.  Even young children would be disappointed with the game play or at least bored after thirty minutes, which is pretty bad considering the game with the microphone cost over sixty dollars.

When I first heard about Disney Sing It, I thought I was going to be in for a treat involving all the old Disney classics.  Instead, I was appalled to find a set list filled with the processed pop music of today’s Disney.  However, I will admit that there were a couple High School Musical songs that got my feet tapping.  The set list is not very vast, but it includes most of the popular new Disney songs.

Each song is accompanied with its music video, which is actually pretty cool for the younger audience.  However, there are only so many times you can watch sixteen year olds parade around in coordinated dance before it gets repetitive.

The amount of songs you get with the game is pitiable.  There are only 35 songs in the entire game and no unlockable ones.  What makes it worse is that all of the songs are by the same eight or so artists.  Also, the different singing modes are extremely similar.  The only singing modes with big differences are the co-op modes and the vocal coach feature.

The actual game play is fairly easy, as it is targeted towards young children.  Simply blowing air into the microphone gains you points and there is no failing out of the songs.  Something that bothered me was how embarrassingly high the game sets its vocal volume.  I found myself singing soft so my voice wasn’t drowning out the back music.  This might be a headache for parents as well since most children are not extremely gifted in the vocal area.

All in all, just don’t buy this game.  If you are looking for a gift, there are so many better things out there to give than a disappointing karaoke game.  Save yourself the sixty dollars and run.


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