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This is the game that we play: Who’s trailer is better – the fan-made or the studio trailer!

Terminator Salvation is the fourth Terminator film. We’ve covered it before. However we now have the trailer. The fan-made trailer was made before the official trailer was released.

Warner Bros. trailer:

Fan-Made trailer

Now that you’ve seen them let us know what you think!

I personally liked the beginning of the fan-made trailer. The end kind of dragged on and sucked. However none of this end of the world story was shown during the official trailer. WTF? Did Warner Bros forget that Terminator is about humanity surviving the end of the world? This is an emotional event, not an action packed movie. Start with a human story that makes sense and then delves deeper into the Terminator mythology.

That’s my 2 cents.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve been spoiled on the ending of T4…and it isn’t pretty. I only hope it isn’t so.

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