3D Realms: E3 is “Irrelevant”, Duke still coming along (yeah, right)

Duke Nukem screen

While everyone is getting all excited about what games they’ll bring to this year’s E3, there’s one development studio that doesn’t give a shit about E3. That’s 3D Realms, the infamous and mysteriously funded studio that is still, after 11 goddamn years making Duke Nukem Forever. That is one video game, guys. The entire Halo trilogy started and ended, but the Duke is still not ready.

Scott Miller, chief of 3D Realms updated the progress of DNF at Next-Gen:

“Development is swimming along nicely. Seriously nicely.”

How very informative. Seriously nicely. Maybe that’s code or something, because it sure as hell doesn’t say a thing about a game that has been under development for 11 years. And about this year’s E3:

“It’s just that we view E3 as irrelevant nowadays.  In fact, I wasn’t even aware it was coming up.”

There you go, guys. No Duke Nukem goodness for you this E3, better luck next year. Or the next. Or the next. But I can assure you this, that the game sure as hell ain’t gonna release in your lifetime.

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  1. E3 is in a really tough position because why would the industry need a press only event? E For All is great because it’s targeting those that actually buy games. GDC is great because the industry itself comes together. Why is E3 really that important anymore?

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