Superhero movie overload?

Overload is a somewhat overused term. For most it just it used in relation to information overload but perhaps superhero overload is the newest use. Since the late 90’s CGI has been to such a high quality that we can have comic book superheroes translated to the big screen given a big enough budget.

This has brought forward some of the best movies in the last decade with X-Men (2), Daredevil (Director’s Cut), Batman Begins and Iron Man. Taking this summers release schedule into consideration we have a superhero movie released in cinemas almost every week so perhaps overload is the correct term to place on superhero movies. There’s Hulk, Iron Man, Batman, Hancock and many others getting releases this summer. Then next year we already have Wolverine coming so when will it get to be one superhero movie to many?

What this means for you? Right now a great number of superhero movies however what used to be a rare blockbuster event will soon become stale and boring if you watch them all and don’t spread out the viewing schedule to cover the slower months.

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