Intel’s 6-Core processors coming this very year


In what comes as a slap to the face of anyone who spent their year’s-worth of savings on a quad-core, Intel has announced that it’s devilish 6-Core processors will go into production as soon as this very summer, making a 2008 release very likely.

The first generation 45 nm processor, a “six-core Dunnington server CPU platform using Penryn architecture” will feature 16 Mb of L3 cache – pioneering Intel’s goals of phasing out its Core architecture and the Front Side Bus itself! Also, Intel unveils its mysterious “Simultaneous Multithreading” spell!

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After the processor mentioned above (supposedly in the “tick” family), Intel will get to work on the “tock” family, where we will see 2-8 scalable cores along with a new microarchitecture that will declare the Front Side Bus old.

According to Intel, this “tock” generation will hit production by the end of this year itself. And this, in all ways points to the fall of the Intel x86 architecture we have used and adored for so many years.

Intel then explains their Simultaneous Multithreading technology, which essentially allows for two threads to run on a single core – meaning your quad core can hit upto eight threads at a time!

This puts AMD waay behind, as they are still working on their tri-core designs. I mean, the numbers speak for themselves – 8 cores > 3 cores.

[Via ByteNews]

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