Gunmen at CSUN

My college had a lockdown today. Here’s our story of the chaos.

March 12 at 4:05pm CSUN President Koester emails the following message to students:

An incident arising from an interpersonal dispute involving several individuals occurred late last night in the University Park Residence Halls. Since the matter has been widely, but inaccurately, reported in the local media, I wanted to share with you the facts as we know them, based on information gathered at the scene by University Police. They are as follows:

* Two students were threatened by one or more individuals after a dispute involving issues under investigation;

* A gun was brandished during the incident, but no shots were fired at any time;

* Immediately upon being notified, University Police responded to the location and secured the area;

* LAPD provided assistance, including a surveillance helicopter;

* University Police, dispatch officers, and residence hall staff advised students to remain in their rooms as the area was searched;

* Approximately 45 minutes after the first call to University Police, officers were able to confirm that the suspects were no longer in the area and there was no further threat;

* Residence hall staff, working in conjunction with University Police, are implementing a series of measures intended to enhance resident safety;

* The investigation continues at this time.

We have attempted to correct the factual inaccuracies that have been reported on local radio and television concerning this incident. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about this matter or the university’s response, please call Terry Piper, Vice President for Student Affairs, at x2391. If you have any information that might aid in the investigation, please notify the University Police Investigations Unit at x3826 or x3901.

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