Best of 2007 – July

 No I didn’t forget about this series, I’ve been on vacation in Miami so things have been hectic but fun! July 2007 saw the return of E3, a time when the video game industry goes out to a formal ball.

5th TMNT Movie in the works
The CGI movie actually earned enough money for talks to begin on yet another sequel. Damn I really loved the live action film. The CGI film can kiss my ass.

We love Sarcastic Gamer
Sarcastic Gamer comes to life and we still love their parody songs!

Iraqis Enjoy Games
Is there a coincidence that there have been less casualties in Iraq after this post was made? Sit terrorists in front of video games and they won’t blow up real people. It’s the truth.

More game parodies
The L33str33t Boys are here.

Alone in the Dark 4 is AWESOME
Probably the best gameplay footage for a next-gen game EVAR!!!

Hitman The Movie Trailer
The trailer launches and the world laughs

The Pipeline 2.0 unveiled
It’s here a new design for The Pipeline!

Wii Fit = FUUN
I still can’t wait for this peripheral to be released here in the States.

My 360 dies
Life sucks for 1 month as I begin the long wait for my Xbox 360 to be fixed.

Reboot The Movie
A new Reboot movie is in the works and geeks all around the world rejoice!

Why Sega lost the console wars
Sad but true

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