Why Should Anyone Care About Duke Nukem?


So, 3D Realms has finally come out with a teaser trailer for Duke Nukem Forever. The only question that I have is, why should I care?

On 3D Realms’ forums George Broussard posted a day before the trailer came up that the trailer would be up around noon CST and continued to thank everyone that worked on the trailer for their hard work. I just think it’s a little ridiculous that he felt the need to tell everyone that it was coming out like it was some huge announcement that everyone was waiting for.

I watched the trailer, and it was absolutely nothing special. It just showed Duke Nukem doing the same stuff that he always does. Maybe if it showed a new villain or at least something that would make it look any different from the past Duke Nukems, I would somewhat care.

You would think that after working on the game for over a decade they could come up with something a little more interesting. I actually think that I was more excited for the game before seeing this trailer. And now that the teaser is out, how long do you think it’s going to be for some actual game play footage?

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2 thoughts on “Why Should Anyone Care About Duke Nukem?”

  1. There wasnt enough facial detail on Duke. In a word where even Half Life has fantastic detail on in game faces is it too much to ask for some detail in a promo trailer?

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