GameSpot Loses a Champion, GameSpot Loses Me

Jeff Gerstmann

After 10 years of loyal service GameSpot editor Jeff Gerstmann has been fired. Currently there are only rumors circulating around as to why GameSpot let him off. I’ve watched Jeff for years and he is the guy that I think of when I think of GameSpot.

On November 16, Jeff gave Kane & Lynch a 6 out of 10. GameSpot’s review system calls this “fair.” Apparently Eidos didn’t want to advertise on Gamespot’s website because of this review. The website Rock Paper Shotgun said that this was the last reason to fire him.

If this is the reason alone, I will ditch GameSpot until they publically appoligize for firing a truthful employee. Kane & Lynch deserves a 6/10, I’ve played it, it’s a crappy game. There’s no reason to support a company that lies to its consumers to appease it’s advertisers.

StuffWeLike wishes Jeff Gerstmann the best. Maybe he’ll start his own video game review website. We can only wish.

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