Rock Band Recalls

Cracked Guitar

Be warned that if you buy the $170 game, you’re most likely going to have to return the guitar! Reports are flooding the internet saying the guitar’s are breaking left and right. I actually know someone with the game that has had this issue after only 3 hours of playing! This is a catastrophe, please send aid to StuffWeLike asap!

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2 thoughts on “Rock Band Recalls”

  1. This is crap you think for 169.00 that you would get a better product. My son only played it for about an hour and it broke.
    Then to top it off they charged my credit card 125.00 until they get their defective crap back

  2. Rock band was a rushed title. But thankfully the broken guitar incident isn’t that widespread.

    I can’t believe that they charged your credit card $125 if all you need to do is return the product. Did you send it to EA?

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