Marvel comics goes digital, the internet retaliates

Marvel comics is known for many things, their patriotic super heroes and controversial crossovers (i.e. Civil War) amongst a lot of other things over the 50 or so years they’ve been called Marvel. They’ve made many series, released hundreds of issues, and brought about some of the most famous writers and artists the Comic book industries has to offer. Each week they release several issues of their series, ranging from some that have lasted for decades, to other series that remodel their old characters for a contemporary audience. All of this done on a safe, wood-grainy paper. However in our modern society, a world where everything from ordering pizza to taking a digital dump, the webcomic has become king. Despite the bad jokes and worse art the old school Comic book companies are jumping into the dumpster for some diving.

DC Comics has launched Zuda Comics, an online community where webcomic creators can pit their creations against others for a chance at internet popularity. It’s quite impressive, once you get over the fact most of the comics are attempting to mimic the ever popular Anime art style. Marvel, on the other hand, has seemed to run out of ideas after all of the time they’ve spent licensing their superheroes to film studios for sometimes good, but mostly bad movies. Instead of releasing new comics made by industry unknowns, they decided to take all of their old back issues that are collecting dust in the warehouses and toss them on the internet.

Personally, I’m tickled pink (as odd as the phrase maybe) to be able to read up on all of the years I’ve missed reading about some of my favorite heroes. The collectors on the other hand are pissed. Really pissed. Suicide bombing pissed…. well perhaps not that far. The Marvel’s online website has seemed to have been hacked, this happening less than a week after the new service’s announcement. While this could be attributed to Marvel’s servers crashing due to the overwhelming response, it’s exceptionally unlikely. The site is no longer available as any attempts to check the site are faced with the deus ex machina himself Doctor Strange plaguing your URL bar. The collector’s have retaliated with a bad hack job that would make /b/tards laugh. While this probably won’t last more than a few days, it’s very amusing to watch. The mighty comic icon brought down by it’s own fans.

My question is this. Where is Stan Lee to make a poorly produced reality TV series about it when you need him?’s very own David Rodriguez, being a player with Stan the Man


[Via: USAToday,, Mashable]

5 thoughts on “Marvel comics goes digital, the internet retaliates”

  1. Judging by the relatively tiny outcry (Here and this issue only seems to affect a small number of people. Being one of those people has given me the time to create this artistic masterpiece:

    Unless the world wants to suffer more from more fruits of my freetime please contact Marvel (as I have been doctorstrange’d I cannot) and tell them to fix their site already.

  2. Marvel’s a bit better at PR roll out than breaking their own site for an entire weekend to be cute, especially since some of the people who can’t access Marvel just plopped down $60 for year long access to the archive.

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